Clairmont The Second – Quest for Milk and Honey


If you’ve been hovering around the Toronto Hip Hop scene, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Clairmont The Second, as he has made a name for himself amongst our favorite out of the young faces in the Toronto music scene. After an iconic feature on the remarkable Harrison track It’s Okay, I Promise, and a plethora of incredible singles delivered to his religious fan-base, it’s no surpirse to see the success of his latest project Quest For Milk and Honey. This project really flexes Clairmont’s witty and intricate wordplay as he proudly shows off his work ethic and musical expertise among all thirteen tracks. The work ethic doesn’t stop even behind the scenes as he is equally impressive with the pro-tools, as the melodic jazz-inspired beats give room for Clairmont to flex his word-play. This project was not only written by the young artist but also produced, mixed and mastered all by himself, a set of skills not many artists these days can handle. We look forward for what else is to come from this incredible young musician as he is only scratching the surface in his lengthy and promising career.