Tasha the Amazon – Prayer


Currently sitting on top of the Spotify charts for Toronto, Tasha the Amazon doesn’t slow down a bit with the recent release of her single Prayer. With a heavy beat orchestrated by the magnificent Danthrax and Tasha herself, it’s clear to see how she was able to ride the beat so well and stir up attention from local artists such as Clairmont The Second. Prayer puts heavy emphasis on the people and the true listeners, with plenty of references to religious beliefs, it’s easy to understand the title and direction she was heading for. Tasha explains “Prayer is a track that’s meant for us,for the squad, for the block, for the generation. People criticize us for abandoning tradition, abandoning God, abandoning old values. They call us lost. But we’re out here every day making our own traditions. We’re out here hustling for it. Our culture is each other. Our God is ourselves.”

Very humble and deep words from Tasha, check out the track below and be on the look out for the official video for Picasso Leaning in the weeks to come as well!