Duckwrth: The best thing you can do for yourself is to love and accept yourself


Poised to become the new face of alternative hip hop, Duckwrth is a creative visionary. He is currently touring with Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals on their summer tour, Malibu.

On this episode, Duckwrth answered why his mom didn’t let him listen to listen hip hop growing up and how this helped in expanding his musical taste. We also talked about his new EP called “Uugly”, why it’s named uugly, and why it’s important to accept your flaws and make them beautiful. This episode is all about owning your own flaws. Whether you have 5, 6, or 7 fingers, you are all awesome!

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Excerpts from our conversation.


Alternative Hip Hop


Chedo: Is it true that you are classified as alternative hip hop?

Duckwrth: That’s because people can’t classify me. Alternative is just an easy way to stamp sh*t that you can’t put into a box.

Chedo: It seems like things like genres are meshing together. They aren’t straight up from the way you look, dress, and vibes that you are giving off. Is there a unifying thing you are giving off. What can you say that is your vibe, your energy, your aesthetic?

Duckwrth: We call it funk-wave. That is our genre. It’s uugly. I’m from South Central and we will never forget that. That will stay with us. It gives you a certain backbone. It’s an aggression to it. But in the same sense, it is something that you can dance to. If we see a person being aggressive but still got harmonies and grooviness to it. And the song is enough to make your face start frowning and uugly. That is funk. We call that funk wave. It has so many things. But alternative hip hop is an easy way to put it when so many things meshing together. We are not talking about the certain category. We are talking about a feeling and the feeling we give off is funk.





Chedo: Your new EP called “Uugly”. You said that it will make you feel like, “Ohh. What’s this [on my face].” But it is also about accepting your flaws and making them beautiful. Tell me more about that.

Duckwrth: Covering the hole (your insecurity) is like aggressiveness. Uugly is about accepting your flaws… The abnormality in the concepts of beauty like gaps in the teeth. Recently, this has been accepted. I developed a gap in my teeth 3 years ago. I just got a gap in between my teeth. My mom said that I always had  perfect teeth. For me, my teeth with this gap are still perfect. I love it. It’s like my little uugly. You age and develop. You gain more attributes in different textures and features. This creates your uugly but also makes you f*cking beautiful.

Chedo: It’s funny how in London, England where now the gap teeth is a defining feature. It is something that is different.



Chedo: You also mentioned that “The best thing you can do for yourself is to love and accept yourself. When you really find yourself, do everything to reflect yourself.” I think we always hear about loving yourself. I want to hear about finding yourself. How you found yourself? Maybe you are still on that journey because a lot of people can have a hard time finding what they are here for.

Duckwrth: I’m still finding myself. But I’ve become sure of myself. If you look in the mirror and feel unhappy, then you got some work to do. When people talk about peace and tranquility, they are not specifically referring to happiness. Happiness is not so much about peace but acceptance. When you accept how you are built this way (how God created you this way), within there you start living through this. If I have 6 fingers I’m going to brand that sh*t. I’m going to make it part of my art, my craft. If I was a rapper, I’m going to call myself 6 fingers or some sh*t like that. You just accept those things. The faster you accept it the easier life becomes. If you can’t accept it, it won’t be peace but the war within yourself. Acceptance is peace. That is what we all f*cking want at the end of the day.