Kavale – Flex


If you’re in Toronto any time soon, you’ll know very well that Caribana is just around the corner. Superstars such as Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather and of course, the champagne papi himself, Drake, will be in town. With all of this going down, it’s prime time for artists to drop some of their greatest work as the Toronto sound will be heard all throughout the city and everyone wants their voice heard. Kavale is no exception here, as he gifts us another incredible track with a slightly different vibe than what we’re used to. Flex has a very Caribbean summer feel and that doesn’t go unnoticed from the cover art as well, momentarily moving away from his common rapping to a more reggae vibe and a slow paced beat, it’s easy to see just how versatile Kavale is as the music transitions from the reggae vocals to rap just half way through the song. This is some versatility that many artist lack and Kavale knows exactly how to work around that. The production was handled by none other than Arion Knight & Kavale himself and that is apparent as Kavale has no trouble riding the beat whatsoever. Another great track for Kavale as we slowly creep closer to the release date of his upcoming project Carpe Diem coming in August. Check out Flex below!