Jazz Cartier – Just In Case

jazz just in case

“I’m not an honorable man, I am a liar, I am a cheat, I am becoming my dad”.

Jazz Cartier begins this song off with a quick, honest verse about his position in the music industry just at twenty-two years of age. He acknowledges his dishonest lifestyle and his come up to get him where he is. He is very aware of the sacrifices made to live a life of fame and relevance and he knows what is to come. Shortly after his confessions, Lantz mercilessly drops the beat within forty seconds and puckers everyone’s face up. We are all too familiar with Lantz’s production but every damn track is like hearing him for the first time. I have yet to come across a better vocalist and producer duo out of Toronto next to Majid Jordan and Drake & 40, of course. Two young artists simply raising the bar higher and higher with every single song they put out is a match that is yet to be rivaled in the Toronto music industry or the whole Hip Hop community for that matter.

Just In Case touches on the lifestyle that Jazz has adopted and the possible calamities that could arise, so he plays it safe and buckles up knowing good and well he is only getting bigger as an artist, but also as an individual. Jazz has started many trends on the recent Hip Hop scene and he knows his worth and the power he holds amongst the ears of his fanbase. With the recent success he has had this past week at Lollapalooza in Chicago and Osheaga in Montreal on Saturday, Jazz Cartier jumps back in the studio with Lantz and takes a step back from his undying work ethic to deliver something to his relentless fan base. Check out Just In Case below, artwork was handled by the unruly Niko Nice.