Clairmont The Second – The Road


Clairmont The Second is back once again. We can’t seem to keep up with the endless stream of content this young artist has in store. This time, we spend the day in the shoes of Clairmont as he discusses his views on the current rap scene and gives a sneak peek into his life. Clairmont releases the visuals for The Road and begins it all in his home as he starts his day off from his very own bed. Clairmont walks us through his daily life such as local talent Derin Falana did recently in The Pick Up. Clairmont reminisces on his youth and simple times with his family and discusses the current state of Hip Hop in just over a two-minute verse, no hook or features. Clairmont even makes a quick shoutout to another local rapper, the undeniable Jazz Cartier, as he says “Jacuzzi claim prince, I’mma claim king” as he refers to Jazz’s track Talk of The Town. Another promising track from Clairmont as we keep our ears to the streets to what’s to come. Check out the video above and take a trip to Clairmont’s Soundcloud for more!