Duckwrth – Lowridr

Duckwrth - Lowridr

“You can take a ride on my bike, my lowridr bike.”

We caught up with Duckwrth last week when he came through town with Andersoon .Paak on the Malibu tour. During our talk with Duckwrth we talked a bit about his upcoming project, I’M UUGLY, and about creating the type of music that makes you scrunch your face up because it’s so damn funky. Luckily for those of us patiently waiting for I’M UUGLY, Duckwrth has released a new single, Lowridr.

If you’ve listened to our interview with Duckwrth then you’ll know that he’s a pretty abstract thinker, which translates into some really interesting and creative music. Although the song is based around a heavily-repeated refrain, “You can take a ride on my bike, my lowridr bike,” it’s still captivating after multiple listens.

Whether it’s the way that ru_areyou‘s experimental production blends with Duckwrth’s lyrics; or the way that Alyssa Brianne Bernal background vocals highlight Duckwrth’s melodies, Lowridr is sure to make you scrunch your face up and want to spend some time on a bike.