Grant Chris – One of Us

grant chris on of us

The underground scene in Toronto has the capability of overshadowing the mainstream sounds in the near future and that holds true as it slowly creeps up with names such as Cardo Antonio, Derin Falana, Clairmont The Second, and of-course, Grant Chris. With a flawless playlist of perfectly executed tracks behind his name and a clear future in the music industry, it’s uplifting to watch someone slowly creep up in the Rap scene with front-row seats.
With a strong team behind him, Grant boasts the connections of multiple incredible producers, vocalists, graphic designers, and everything else he needs to stir up some sound and get his name out there. With this team on his shoulders, he drops every track with the confidence needed to see through the inevitable negativity that comes with being an artist these days, and all of that holds true with his latest single One of Us, produced by Juda, Tony Kaine & Grant himself. The importance of the production and the complexity behind riding the beat in sync with the lyrics is too often overlooked by artists but these three have studied the track inside and out to perfect the vocalist flow and make sure every note is hit evenly. That type of perfectionism is too rare these days, and Grant shows that on every track. With a small playlist of songs under his name, but slowly expanding, it’s easy to see how he racks up thousands of views on just one project. A very unique voice and bass-heavy production that somehow still hits the listener with a very melodic sound is something we don’t see every day, and we hope to see just that in the future as he promises many more tracks coming soon. Check out On of Us below and take a trip to his SoundCloud for more!