Grant Chris – The Voice


The slower, more melodic Hip Hop is over saturated in the current Hip Hop scene, not many artists know how to properly stand out while still following the code and fitting in at the same time. Grant Chris has mastered that with his methodic goals and execution as he manages to hit us with an array of perfect tracks, from the vocals and rhythm to the production and final engineering. Grant manages to keep his smooth vocals for when they’re needed, and he can lay down a verse bar-for-bar easily when needed as well, and his timing is impeccable. In The Voice, he shows both of those skills as he flexes his singing on the hook and still managing to lay down a verse or two, and he mixes both at times as he raps and ends his verse by hitting a note and swtiching up the rhythm. I’ve been following Grant since this summer began when I accidentally came across a track on SoundCloud, and since then he’s been doing nothing but blessing his audience with an array of tracks all executed perfectly, and this is what we’ll be seeing on his upcoming EP in the near future as well. Check it out below and make a trip down to his SoundCloud and drop a follow on Twitter, trust me, you don’t want to sleep on Grant Chris.