Cityreal – Grow Op (ft. Tonye Aganaba, DJ Abel & The Living Society Soul Choir)


“Please help me find my way.”

Cityreal returns to the world of Hip Hop after a brief hiatus with his new video, Grow Op, off of his upcoming album Lost In Vancouver. 

As the cello ominously rings over a sparse piano-driven beat it’s obvious that Cityreal isn’t interested in dropping formulaic tracks. Stuck between a gospel-style refrain, Cityreal’s verses highlight his feelings of aimlessness and fears over being pulled away from his goals. Even if you don’t see yourself in Cityreal’s goals (“Living waterfront next to David Suzuki”), the refrain is universal enough that you can drift off to your own dreams while singing, “La la la la, la la la la, la la please help me find my way.”

Even though Cityreal has supported big name acts like: Big K.R.I.T., Swollen Members, and Ghostface Killah, he is still relatively unknown. Take my advice and follow this man closely. Impress your hipster friends by putting on Grow Op next time someone passes you the AUX cord.