Devontée: When you stop serving your purpose is when you have no purpose


My guest this week goes by the name of Devontée. I remember meeting him three years ago at the Canadian Music Week and told me to check his music. He was networking, grinding, and hustling. Today, I would consider him one of the premiere Toronto artists with hits like “Bare Things” and his latest album “District Vibe”.

On this episode, Devontée talked about his faith, following your heart, what he learned from Boi-1da and so much more. Read the excerpts below for more of our conversation. If you’re interested in the Karmaxwave contest that I mention enter here.

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Excerpts from our conversation.



Chedo: What was your upbringing like growing up in your household? Can you take us what was that like for you?

Devontée: I am a product of two beautiful people. One is black who is my father. One is white, my mother. I was born to show a lot of light to people that who are maybe ignorant of accepting others. I guess you could say racism but I was able to diffuse it to some people. My mom is a hard worker. I’ve never seen her take a day off work. She has her own business. My dad always figures out a way to fix something and get it done from cars to building houses. Anything that needs to be done he will figure out a way. I think I get that creative side from him. My family is very musical. Sometimes I feel like they just don’t know it but they definitely influenced me to be a strong individual who has enough confidence to give back to others.

Follow your Heart


Chedo: You were a football player. It’s not like something traumatic happened where you got injured. You just like, “Oh, I don’t love this anymore.” That’s how it was?

Devontée: I followed my heart. I encourage everyone to follow their heart because everyone is here for a purpose. When you stop serving your purpose is when you have no purpose. If that’s the case then there’s no point of being here. I felt that my heart was not telling me that I need to play football. Yes, I was good at it. People wanted it for me but I didn’t want it for myself. When I was in 4th grade, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I always wanted to be on a huge stage [performing] for others.

Fulfill that Purpose


Chedo: You talk about “Godspeed” which is featuring Joey Badass. On the song, “My timing ain’t wrong, it’s always on Godspeed.” You have this sense of pure faith. Tell me about that because people are always worrying about something. What is the meaning of it (the lyrics from the song)?

Devontée: There’s just no point of stressing life because. As long as you are fulfilling your purpose and following your heart it will lead you to where you need to be. Sometimes you need to get burned to know what it feels like to not be burned. As long as I have faith in God, He will deliver. I’m not here to be a preacher. I’m here to be the light. I can just shine and let people see my faith. Through God all is possible.

Final Thoughts


Chedo: Devontée, thank you for your time. Is there anything that you want to say to the person who is listening to this conversation?

Devontée: Follow your heart. Have pure intentions and help others.