ShaqIsDope – Wake Up


The Toronto Hip Hop scene is thoroughly saturated with new artists and young people trying to make a name for themselves. Standing out in such a broad field is difficult and only a few have the talents and skills to stand out and make a difference, this is where ShaqIsDope comes in. One of our favourite artists emerging out of Toronto, Shaq constantly surprises us with incredible music and unmatched talent that puts him far ahead in the scene. Early this summer, he had released his latest mixtape Black Frames and that in itself brought huge success that lives on onto today as it easily labelled him as one of the most promising MC’s to come out of Toronto. After announcing to his fans that he would soon drop the ShaqIsDope EP, Shaq returns from his short hiatus to deliver Wake Up, and ode to all his naysayers over a banging production by Tory Lanez’s producer The Jenius. Check out Wake Up below and take a trip over to his SoundCloud for more!