Stretch – Could You Be


Toronto is spewing out new artists faster than any other city out right now, and that’s because Toronto is currently going through its own little renaissance. A prime moment for the city to grow financially, architecturally, culturally, fashionably, and of course, musically. With this load of new life and prosperity with the city comes a few artists that manage to stick out far more than their competition. This is where Stretch comes in.

Stretch is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist from the east end of Toronto. Stretch has built his followers by being an active member of the Toronto music community; this includes hosting and performing at open mic events, organizing local concerts, and headlining shows throughout the city.
With this hard work and dedication comes some of Stretch’s own work and this is where his newest track comes in. The song is titled Could You Be, and is the single off Stretch’s debut project, Ball Park Music.

Stretch comes with a particular fervor as he attempts to be the voice of his ends. All he wishes to deliver is Scarborough anthems. The song is an urban romanticized version of a conflict between two people in love. Check out the beautiful masterpiece below and keep your eyes out for more music from Stretch!