Harrison – So Far From Home (Ft. Young Guv)


21-year-old electronic music producer Harrison just released the new video for his single “So Far Away From Home” featuring Young Guv aka Ben Cook of Canadian hardcore punk band Fucked Up. Directed by Tristan C-M, the video captures the duos meanderings through nature including a totally nonchalant graveyard outing.

A feel-good, contemporary funk tune off his debut LP Checkpoint Titanium, Harrison executes with an immaculate sense of song structure and rhythm. This is no exception for the other tracks on the album either, consisting of thick bass-lines, sugary synths and uptempo percussion.

Harrison has come a very long way from the sampled funk edits he used to upload to the internet a few years back. In fact, Harrison’s progress is nothing short of extraordinary, and the more you learn about him the more it starts to make sense. For one, he comes from a highly musical background. His father was a session drummer in jazz ensembles during the 70’s. He was also taught how to play piano by his mother at the tender age of seven. It’s really no wonder how Harrison is able to create such a natural, organic sound with his art.

Checkpoint screams 80’s revival, fused with hints of future bass and even trap. His idiosyncratic approach to music-making is energizing, especially when most of Toronto has been caught up with the OVO sound. This makes him an outsider, sure, but at the same time situates himself nicely among a handful of producers who are doing things differently. In the digital age we live in, I am thankful artists like him are able to have a voice on the national stage.

A hopeful and self-reflective album, the same words could be used to describe Harrison. Between anime and nature, it seems there is never a shortage of inspiration for the Toronto up-and-comer. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of him.

Stream Checkpoint Titanium below: