Adhoc – Paradise Loft

adhocToronto/Manchester trio Adhoc want you to get high with the devil on their newest single “Paradise Loft”, an irresistibly laid back tune that is a mixture of R&B, hip-hop and indie. If “White China” was a tangent on morning sex, this one feels like its lazy afternoon counterpart, brimming with sunny chords, mellow flows and positive vibes.

Produced by Adhoc’s James Campbell, they managed to record the new single in 48 hours before being evicted from their Montreal studio due to a fire. All things considered they sound alarmingly relaxed, but maybe that’s the point.

If the world were to ever burn down, I take solace in the fact Adhoc would probably still be singing. Maybe it’s time to join them in hell. Who knows, they might serve margaritas.

Stream “Paradise Loft” below: