Joël Lobban – POV


The first time I stumbled across Joël Lobban‘s music, there were a couple of questions that came to mind. First, who is this guy? Second, how much longer before he blows up? His debut EP POV which premiered on Noisey September 22nd is an incredible effort from the Ajax, Ontario singer. To answer my own question, it seems like it will only be a matter of time – he is going places.

Lobban’s take on modern R&B is fresh and innovative. Capable of achieving a chilling falsetto, the man has got a star quality to his voice that is like cashmere atop the haunting instrumentals, courtesy of Japain, Alo and Kaz. The production is impeccable, from the tasteful yet unexpected wobble bass on the album opener “Reload”, to crystalline synths that beam down from the heavens on “Beauty”, this five track EP is nothing short of captivating.

As ruminative and autobiographical as the lyrics feel, there isn’t one moment where I am not interested or emotionally invested in what he is singing about. I’m quite sure the girl he references feels the same way.

Songs like these could easily be played in the clubs or on any Paris runway. They could be the soundtrack to a lonely 3 a.m. night on the balcony or a sex-infused escapade at a private estate. Maybe you simply want to enjoy them on headphones in the privacy of your own room… Whatever the occasion, luxury has never felt so relatable.

Stream “POV” below: