Rich Rolling Rebels – Pull Up On You


If you’ve heard Milton hip-hop crew Rich Rolling Rebels in their interview with Apollo For The People or peeped some of their videos floating around social media, a few things begin to stand out. First off, despite being fronted by main members Dallas Hill, Eazy John$on and Dre!, there seem to be many more who work behind the scenes, helping make the group’s vision a reality.

From graphic designers to film directors, Rich Rolling Rebels have self-admittedly been described as more of a collective than a trio. This in particular is one thing that makes them unique. They also come from one of the most unlikely of places, with an energy and commitment to music that is very much felt in their attitudes.

Having released their debut effort West Side Of The 6 back in June, they recently dropped a video to one of the album’s biggest tracks, “Pull Up On You”, directed by Gerald Burra. A little fair outing with the squad sets the scene. Vast, reverb-soaked ambience provides the backdrop for both John$on and Dre!’s verses, with producer/singer Hill on the hook.¬†Look forward to some noteworthy collaborations in 2017. In the meantime, stream their new video above.