Clairmont The Second – No Favors

After spending the past few months showcasing his latest project, Quest For Milk and Honey, to fans nation wide, Clairmont the Second keeps the momentum rising with the release of his latest single, “No Favors.” In classic Clairmont fashion, the self directed short is bright, vibrant, off the wall and above all else dope.

What I dig most about Clairmont’s music is the amount of energy he brings to the table on each track. From front to back QFMH is filled with hits, and after taking the full project in “No Favors” was one of my favorite joints off the album- so I’m very happy that CTS and his team decided to run with this joint for the visual treatment.

It’s crazy to think that this emcee is barley out of highschool. When you look at all of the rising starts out of the six, you have to put Clairmont into the conversation. He produces, mixes, directs, sings and of course, drops next level bars… If you consider yourself a fan of hip hop music what else could you ask for? The versatility of CTS is what makes him a stand out. Do yourself a favour and check this latest video out, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to peep QFMH, you won’t regret it.