Pryde – Sugar


Shortly after a hiatus in regards to the recent loss of his mother, Pryde returns stronger than ever with a lot on his mind. With the recent release of 23 in celebration of his birthday, he steps up one more time with his second release in under two weeks with Sugar, both produced by the immaculate K-Beatz. The song came with arguably the coolest Rap video I’ve seen in a while directed by Logan Meis & Wallyhood featuring one of Pryde’s best friends and backflip connoisseur Pat Greenall. The track was inspired by some classic Fall Out Boy while the lyrics and message sent was all in the hands of Pryde as he tweets “This is my favorite song/video I’ve ever made. I can’t wait for you to watch it. I’ve never felt so myself before.” For me, there is nothing greater than letting an artist create without boundaries or any limitations and that’s what Pryde and his crew did here. As a long time fan of Pryde from back when he rapped in a small closet beside a wall full of signatures and a blanket suppressing the sound, it was amazing to see just how far he has come and how he has matured as an artist. Seeing someone I listened to all through-out highschool jump in front of a movie theater with his name lighting the whole room as he freely raps with full creative control goes to show just how far he has come. I look forward to seeing what else comes from Pryde in the upcoming future and you should too! Check out Sugar above!