Murda Beatz: When I started making beats no one believed in me


Our special guest today is Murda Beatz who was raised in Fort Erie, Ontario. At only 22 years old, he’s been responsible for hits like “Pipe it Up” for Migos, Gucci Mane’s “Back On Road”, and Drake’s “With You” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR On Views.

On this episode, we talked about the importance of meeting people face to face, the sacrifices he had to make working on his craft and so much more.

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~ Excerpts from our conversation ~


Believe in yourself first.


Chedo: You talked about not going to college. How was that when your parents wanted you to go to college? When you were at the end of high school how did you get them to believe in you? Were you scared at that time?

Murda Beatz: No, I was just trying to prove my point. When I started making beats no one believed in me. Maybe a couple of people. I was gonna go to school for business… But I am getting money in a different way than in working in a regular job.

Chedo: Even though within the first three months of making beats you got the Soulja boy beat. Some people say it was so quick but you have to dedicate time and not go out. Were those moments tough to be in?

Murda Beatz: It was tough at the moment but I honestly didn’t care. I was still trying to prove my point. Everyone was mad at me when I wasn’t coming to them to chill. I was making beats. If people felt mad then I don’t need that around me. You just need to sacrifice and cut people off. I just started working alone and things just come together.


Just do it. Don’t overthink.


Chedo: Sometimes people, artists, and producers tend to overthink when creating music. But in the session about pipe it up that was what came up with. You said, “Just do it. Just go record it. Don’t even think about it. What do you think about that which is a better action than spending too much time on creating music?

Murda Beatz: When you spend too much time you tend to overthink things. You were trying to focus on making this perfect product and then it became a not-perfect-product. This is my opinion. If you go out there and bang out some stuff on top of your list people will feel that energy. People out there spend so much time but can come up with the best music. Drake and all these big people. But, everyone has different workflows.


Take time to know yourself.


Chedo: When you started in the music industry your faith in God started to become stronger. This is usually the opposite to some people. How did that come to be? Why is your faith really important to you?

Murda Beatz: Because it’s life. You must have faith. You must have God. You must be spiritual. You must know yourself. I was blessed. I got to know myself when I was at a young age like 17 to 18. I got to know who I am as a person. That really helped me to find my passion.

Chedo: How did you get to know yourself?

Murda Beatz: Spend time by yourself. You gotta think. You have to put the puzzle together. Life is a puzzle. You just have to figure it out.