Flex The Antihero – Born Rebels


Toronto rapper and Smash Mouth member Flex The Antihero is back with his sophomore effort Born Rebels following an eventful hiatus that brought with it adversity and loss. From dealing with the death of a close friend to mental illness and substance abuse, Flex battled with a lot of personal demons between records, losing touch with himself and those around him.

When the inspiration did strike however, everything managed to fall into place. It’s clear just by how passionate and urgent he sounds from track to track that he had found his voice again. An ode to the unconventional, to those living messy and imperfect lives, Flex doesn’t sugarcoat anything here. Laying it to bare, this record offers a clear take on a life that isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Born Rebels features production from Mmac and Emerson Brooks and guest spots from JiMMY B, DillanPonders and Terrell Morris. The Toronto natives’ broken world comes alive on “Shotgun Wedding”, detailing a dysfunctional relationship that sounds doomed from the opening note of the ominous sample.

Stream “Born Rebels” below: