Jahkoy – Foreign Water


Toronto native Jahkoy has officially released his first EP ever since he signed with Def Jam. The album has a lot to say as it tells a story from the title to the lyrics throughout all 7 tracks, one of which is featuring the legendary Schoolboy Q.

After gaining notoriety in the music industry and getting his name out there, Jahkoy decided to leave Toronto and went out to live in LA where his work ethic quickly increased. Within a week of being in California, he met up with Jaden Smith and already had plans to record a song with Schoolboy Q. Upon meeting hundreds of people and introducing himself across the American music scene, a certain phrase caught his attention that eventually formed the title of this project. “Must be something in the water” was thrown around by almost everyone he met, in regards to the Canadian music scene and Canadian artists. This soon formed into the title of his project Foreign Water.

The EP boasts 7 timeless songs all soaked in the Toronto sound. Jahkoy wants to bring the Toronto sound merged into a Carribean twist into the American scene and he has done that perfectly. Building a solid American fanbase and hoping to make an effect on the American R&B scene as well. Seeing the perfectionism and greatness distilled into his first ever debut EP, I can see the whole world taking inspiration from his work, not just the US.

This EP has quickly become one of my favourite projects to come out this year, sitting right by Waking at Dawn and Luke Christopher’s recent releases. I think what stands out about this project is the sheer passion that is saturated heavily into the lyrics. Being within the same age group and growing up around the same area and lifestyle as Jahkoy, it’s easy to see where his inspiration and soul comes from, maybe this is just something Canadians are feeling or maybe this is just the route Hip Hop and R&B is taking… or maybe there’s something in our water?

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