Derin Falana – What I Know


Brampton rapper/dancer Derin Falana formerly known as The Flan has had a big year. With his mixtape Live From Rocky Mountain over six months behind him now, he gives us a fresh, new take on his latest single “What I Know.” Caution, this one knocks harder than anything he’s ever done. If your speakers can’t handle it at full volume, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Produced by Lucidox, the man executes with nasty 808’s, slicing hi-hat triplets and a dark, metronome synth pattern. Falana lyrically taunts his opponents, rapping with a hostile flow that suits the aggressive vibe of the track. “I tend to laugh at all the ones that claim they really run this/I’d let you off, but think it’s time you all severely punished.”

The young 905-repping artist has an insanely diversified portfolio, gracefully jumping from one style to the next. Falana’s approach seems to be paying off though. “What I Know” recently made an appearance on the television show Greenleaf hosted by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Don’t forget the Fader video premiere for “Bet” a few months back. No one can predict where he will go from here, but it’ll be fun to keep guessing.

Stream “What I Know” below.