Cardo Antonnio – Headz Up


This past summer I had the privilege of meeting new artists almost daily, but not all of them stuck around with their music. Artists tend to get high off of a little attention and take very long breaks thinking they’ll still be relevant once that come back around, and that’s rarely true. Other artists I unfortunately never met but their music spoke for them and that’s more than enough. This is where Cardo Antonnio comes in.

I heard Cardo on his Estate EP as my Soundcloud was on shuffle down the 401 on a windy July night and his style immediately caught my attention. You see, Hip Hop is a very big market, with a ton to choose from in terms of artists, production and styles. Rarely do we see someone that stands out from the rest, and if we do, it’s usually on a song or two. Cardo does not follow that principal, as he stands out from the first time I heard him until today on his most recent work.

Today, Cardo is back after a short two month hiatus with Headz Up, a track that racked up nearly two thousand plays and it hasn’t even been a week yet. Cardo’s voice alongside the production of J Cortz work together perfectly and seeing them together all this time shows a promising future as their chemistry goes unrivaled. Check the track below and stay on the lookout for future music!