TeamBackPack presents Brampton Cypher


In today’s Hip Hop scene, seeing a rap cypher is very rare as that style of Hip Hop is slowly fading away. Hip Hop is stuck in a state of trap and singing, and there’s nothing wrong with that, although seeing the younger generation artists still hone the skill to step behind a mic and just freely start rapping is very refreshing.

That’s exactly what we see here as we watch Brampton’s finest four artists show their lyrical side in front of an iconic Brampton restaurant Sonny’s Drive-In. The cypher starts off with one of the greatest to do it from Brampton, Pryde himself. Pryde spills his heart out as he recalls memories of being bullied and taken for granted yet at the same time showing his strength in his verse and exposing his recent success and how it overshadows his past. He ends his verse off with a strong line that keeps the momentum going and acts as the ‘icing on the cake’ for such a dope verse. He says “They made fun of my family and how we were less fortunate, now I got my foot up on the gas, my foot ain’t got the swag but I got every size of foot up in your ass“, a line that ended his verse powerfully and kept the crew laughing.

Next up was Noyz, an artist that stood out to me as a pioneer to Hip Hop. His verse sounded like something out of a cypher from the early 2000s, meaning it was authentic and rare in terms of today’s rap scene. Hearing such an organic verse from Noyz wasn’t a surprise though as he is always releasing incredible music with the same love and affection, and the same goes for his spoken word poetry. I look forward to hearing more from Noyz.

The cypher was ended off with a verse from Tremayne and finally a verse from Derin Falana, Brampton’s current poster boy whose success is heard all throughout the Canadian Hip Hop scene. Tremayne’s verse felt a little short compared to Pryde and Noyz although just as equally impressive. Derin ended it off with a powerful verse as well as he gave props to the underground scene and acknowledged himself to be quickly on the rise in the Hip Hop world alongside his Brampton crew. All in all, an incredible cypher and I really hope to see more not just in the Canadian Hip Hop scene but in all of Hip Hop in general. The production was handled by none other than Evan Miles, an incredible producer that stood as the very backbone of this whole thing. Watch it above!