Harrison: Take care of your mental health


My guest today is Harrison. 21-year-old Electronic producer from Toronto. He recently released a new album titled Checkpoint Titanium featuring Clairmont the Second, Allie, Ryan Hemsworth and many others. In our interview, we talked about his upbringing, how he got over his stage fright, why he prefers to make music with friends and about mental health.

An excerpt from our conversation
Check your mental health

Harrison: Watch your mental health, because you’re three times as likely to have depression as an artist or musician. So talk to others when you need to talk to others, and be very honest.

Chedo: I’m glad you brought that up, because not a lot of people talk about that. I think we’re starting to see this now with a lot of people passing away.

Harrison: Yeah, it’s getting really bad. There are some people who will do anything to play, and keep on doing you, but you really got to look out for yourself and your mental state. Because that’s so, so important. Also, remember there’s lots of places to call, and you have friends that love you… I’m happy to see people in the last five years or so, tell others to talk about their feelings.

Chedo: Yeah, it used to be taboo…

Harrison: Yeah, exactly. Even my POC friends, male friends especially, straight-male-POC friends, you got nothing to hide. A lot of them have been opening up, that’s cool.

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