Plaza – Personal

plazaHailing from Toronto, the mysterious R&B singer Plaza has caught a lot of people’s attention since the release of his first EP One back at the end of August. Amassing hundreds of thousands of plays online and recently scoring an interview with Noisey, he still chooses to remain faceless.

Take one look through Plaza’s Instagram and it becomes obvious that he wishes to keep a low profile, at least for now. While we’re itching to know more about the nighttime crooner, our lack of knowledge only adds to his mystique. Nonetheless he has emerged from the violet shadows, this time with the foggy and hedonic single “Personal” which first premiered on The Fader last week.

Let me start off by saying that The Weeknd comparisons are justified. This track possesses a large enough dose of doom and gloom romanticism to help you get through any bout of love-induced insomnia. Everything from the beat to the vocals is shrouded in an intoxicating mist that seems to heighten the senses. Whatever he is doing, it’s working and you can be sure I’ll be keeping a close eye out for his new EP set to drop sometime in the new year.

Stream “Personal” below.