Tasha The Amazon – Die Every Day

Nothing gets me truly excited for new music quite like hearing there’s a new EP being dropped. I like to think of EPs as being a taste of what the artist can truly accomplish on a full studio album. In this instance, Tasha the Amazon has managed to make her EP sound better than many albums I’ve heard this year thus far. Within such a competitive market in the music industry, it’s not easy to stand out with just an EP but Tasha proves that wrong with her latest project Die Every Day, an EP in light of recent success with landing on a track on the Broad City Soundtrack, hitting records on Spotify charts and gaining tons of notoriety from blogs all over the map.

The EP boasts new songs mixed in with songs we’ve heard previously but work together great nonetheless. With production handled by Tasha and Danthrax under the alias Bass and Bakery, it’s easy to see just how she managed to sound so smooth and ‘at home’. These two have been providing timeless production to go with Tasha’s amazing vocals for a while now and I hope to see no sign of that ever slowing down. The EP is available fully on Soundcloud alongside all of her music and I implore you to take a minute and check it all out.