Pryde – Things Change


As an avid listener, I’ve seen artists take the greatest transformations over the years. Some amplify their careers, others try too hard and find themselves begging for a show in the future. Regardless of how big the change is in an artists’ life, what matters is how they react to it and nobody has come from a greater and more successful change out of Toronto than Pryde.

Pryde has been through the motions every artist has gone through and his outcome stands above the rest. From rapping about Arizona Ice Tea and keeping a clean sound to rapping out of a DeLorean and lighting blunts, nobody has taken a more mature turn in their career than Pryde and he has successfully shown that time and time again with different sounds. All of which have led up to this moment, the full grown matured rapper that’s been working his absolute hardest to achieve his dreams, and we see that transition in its full contrast on his newest track Things Change.

The video stands on the backbone of Pryde’s closest friends throughout the photography, production and features. The video starts off with Pryde landing in Pearson Airport and attending to his duties as a boyfriend, a friend and a rapper. You get a glimpse of the hectic and colourful life of an artist that grinded his way into his position all the while staying true to his friends and keeping them all close. The song itself discusses the girls in Pryde’s life and takes a jab at the disloyal friends he had to leave behind, a situation we’re all too familiar with. The final verse takes a different turn with his sound, aiming towards a more monotone singing voice that I personally really enjoyed. Take a listen for yourself above.