Grant Chris – Running


This past month has been the busiest of the year for me with exams and events, but I’m not the only one keeping busy. November and December had seen a plethora of releases from Toronto’s hottest in the underground scene and Grant Chris shows a prime example of that.

The young mogul took a month off and returned with back to back tracks that have both stirred up plenty of attention with local artist Derin Falana showing love and we can see just why. Running shows Grant’s softer side as he gets personal with mentions of past lovers, past friends and family. All of this rides along a melodic slow paced beat handled by Juda and Eddie.wav as his voice reverberates throughout the track. Grant touches on his pursuit of success and music while at one point putting it all aside to chase love and how he handles it all, he eventually discusses facing his life’s biggest obstacles such as his past, his family, his skin tone, his choices in life and more questions. To top this all of, the chorus gives us a glimpse of Grants dependent side as he confesses to being too attached to something in life and his only escape is in the hands of one other person.
Artists getting intimate and personal with their listeners is a practice that’s rarely seen today and especially in the underground scene, but Grant manages to tear off any facades or rumors about his image in just one track. The incredible production plays a pivotal role as the beat tends to stay slow paced throughout the track and give a harmonious feel to the sound, the perfect combination for Grants voice and theme he was going for. Check out the track below and drop a follow on his Twitter, never miss a moment from talents as bright as this.