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Update: The Book is out head over to this link to check it out.

Four years after I started The Come Up Show, I was helping promote the Raekwon The Chef (Wu-Tang Clan) concert in London. After the interview, Raekwon tells me that he could see me having my own label one day. It was humbling hearing that from a legend, even though I had no interest in creating a record label.

This past April, I spoke on a panel at the East Coast Music Association in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Classified was in the audience and after the session, he suggested I consider artist management. When I started to recognize the pattern and hear the same thing over and over again, I realized I needed to share the knowledge I have with up and coming artists.

I started The Come Up Show to give artists on the “come up” a platform. After interviewing hundreds of musicians I realized that artists do need help. Not only because we live in an over-saturated environment but a good percentage of artists are doing it wrong. They don’t know how to properly submit music, (subject lines “YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS HOT FYAH”), they don’t know how to manage relationships, and most importantly, they aren’t building a REAL relationship with their fans on the right platforms.

You might think this book is anti-social media when I reveal the cover next week. This book is not about social media. The Come Up Show supports artists by sharing their music and their journey. After interviewing over 500 artists and studying the market, I’d like to share with you on how you can build a meaningful relationship with fans, partners, media and how that can translate to success. If you are an artist, manager, strategist, professional or just want to learn this book is for you.

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