Best Interviews of 2016 [Part 1]


For our new year special, we decided to dedicate the next two podcasts to our “Best of 2016” segment for podcast show. We compiled the most inspiring, motivating stories our guests have shared on our show, many of them reminding us, that we’re on the right path and that there is a purpose behind what we’re doing with the podcast.

Part 1 of this segment will include stories of how we are trapped in the turn-up era, what smoking with Snoop Dogg is like, why going through painful experiences makes better music, and so much more. Below are excerpts from the podcasts we’ve featured on this episode, play it to hear more.

Kayo: We really are trapped in the era of the turn-up and getting lit, and all of these different things. I’m not even going to act like I don’t like the music, I dig it, but it saddens me when the majority of music right now, at least within hip hop, is almost like completely abandon substance. At least the 90s and early 2000s there was a balance; you’d get your turn up shit and you’d also get your introspective, different elements of the culture. Now, it’s little harder to get that.

You just gotta be honest with yourself and stay true to yourself and stay true to what you came out here to do.

Classified: [When we got in the studio] The bodyguard told us we needed to get out, said it was getting too loud. I was like what are you talking about I’m the one producing this track! Snoop had to come in and calm things down, and he did, then he turned to us and offered to smoke a blunt with him. So he lights it, passes it around, and it’s chill from that point on. It was cool, it started out pretty weird at first but in the end, we ended up smoking a blunt with Snoop.

Cousin Stizz: I had just got home, it was like 3am and I was checking through my phone, a little faded too. I got a message from Q and saw that video [of drake’s birthday party and Stizz’s song playing in the background], and I lost my fucking mind, I did not believe it at first. I even woke my mom up!

Chedo: Usually when artists start to get recognition, it gets them more motivated, did that video have that sort of affect on you?

Cousin Stizz: Nah, I’ve always had the motivation ever since I decided that this is what I wanted to do. But that video did make it feel like all of that drive, and work wasn’t for nothing. It was almost like a sigh of relief, like alright I could make something good, you feel me? But I’ve always been on 100, that video just told me to keep doing what I’m doing.

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