Best Interviews of 2016 [Part 2]

image1Make sure you listen to part 1 of our Best of 2016 segment! For this episode, we’ve compiled more of our most inspiring interviews from 2016. In this episode, we featured guests like August Rigo, Boi-1da and Lizzo. Starting off with OSIYM, telling us how making music is only half the battle, then we have southcentral artist Duckwrth talk to us about the concept of Uugly. We’ve also included Dam Funk’s interview, which was the most listened to episode we did in 2016.

Here are a few excerpts from this episode, play the podcast to hear more!

Making music is only half the battle

Charlie [OSIYM]: One of the things that sucks about Toronto is that we have so many great artists but we don’t have as many outlets for them to grow. We don’t even have radio stations that will bop you’re songs for you… Even though there’s been more of a spotlight put on Toronto, I still feel like we have to put in twice the work to get known. After we started to get recognized, you begin to realize that making music is only half the battle.


Chedo: In you new EP called “Uugly”, you said that it will make you feel like, “Ohh. What’s this [on my face].” But it is also about accepting your flaws and making them beautiful. Tell me more about that.

Duckwrth: Covering the hole (or your insecurity) is like aggressiveness. Uugly is about accepting your flaws… The abnormality in the concepts of beauty like gaps in the teeth have recently been accepted. I developed a gap in my teeth 3 years ago. I just got a gap in between my teeth. My mom said that I always had perfect teeth. For me, my teeth with this gap are still perfect. I love it. It’s like my little Uugly. You age and develop. You gain more attributes in different textures and features. This creates your Uugly but also makes you f*cking beautiful.


Keep your soul intact

Chedo: Any last thoughts? Anything that you want people to know? People who maybe new to your music and your supporters as well.

Dam-Funk: I continue to provide people with music from the heart and soul. Not based on marketplace and not based on fads and trends. It’s just about the soul. If you lose that, I feel sorry for you. You gotta keep the soul intact. Remember your family and friends. Remember the experiences you had growing up. Remember what you really are about. Do not let some trend change you and what you are doing in the game right now. Stay focus and progress.

Allow yourself to reach your full potential

Chedo: You’ve mentioned that “Sometimes you have to force your confidence to catch up.” What does that mean?

Tanisha: Although you might have doubts, you just have to tell yourself to just do it. That is something that is big for me. Small things that I used to say like, “Oh my gosh! I can’t do this.” Even now that I am doing more things… Allowing yourself to reach your full potential can make things start to happen.

Rigo and dealing with depression

August Rigo: The main problem was that I had nothing to say anymore. I wasn’t inspired. I was in a writing funk. I just had to write myself out of it. Now, I’m here. It’s a mental thing to get over yourself. 3 years later I’m living in Toronto and I went back to those records that I created. A lot of them were good. A lot of them were great songs that I’m actually getting out now. But my headspace wasn’t right. I was lucky that I was able to overcome that. I think it’s just loving the music enough that it will take you through the hardships. I do music for a living. I make a good living. I can fail breaking bricks or fail to make hits. If I fail something I’m going to fail something that I love.
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