Pryde – Left Field

When rappers get heartbroken, they usually find consolation in an entire tear-jerking album that sells more than they expect. For Pryde, his approach his slightly different, and much better I think.

In Left Field, Pryde discusses plans and goals he had with a girl, a girl that switched up her ways and left him for a scene that swallowed her whole, the club and party scene. We’ve all been there, we lose a girl to the illusional happiness that relies within the night life, but Pryde keeps his story optimistic with a thoroughly entertaining video. A video that slightly resembles the dance moves of Drake’s Hotline Bling but instead of a collection of models, Pryde implements his closest friends. He seems to be discussing the situation in the position of a girl and a guy, a guy that seems to be uptight and self-conscious, as he shortly explains in the hook. The girl’s portion of the song is meant to be about a lost girl who could’ve had it all. She got lost in a hollow partying scene and changed in terms of her personality and lost herself and her lover, a lover that can easily handle himself and never needed her love, but she could’ve had it all.
The video & production all include some of Pryde’s closest friends and family.

The videography and editing was handled by his selfless brother Samureye Films, the production was the work of K-Beatz and NCP, the production of the video was by Pryde himself and a ton of honourable mentions are handed out to the people standing strongly by his side, Vanida Savory, The Brampton Boys, and ofcourse, Pat Greenall, the professional pizza handler. His whole crew was rocking their new Fleur De Lysze sweaters, grab one and support the movement & take a listen above and definitely let us know what you think! The video ends off with a teaser to another one of Pryde’s upcoming songs and I personally cannot wait.