Lais – Cocaine Rain

Throughout highschool, my friends and I were infatuated with underground artists. During this time, G-Eazy, Mike Stud, Skizzy Mars, Logic and many more were just popping off. We had a special type of love for Skizzy since we, as young and free spirited kids, connected to his music more. With this came the introduction to anyone and everyone who worked alongside Skizzy, and this included Marc E Bassy, Devon Baldwin, KYLE, and someone by the name of Lais. Lais was first recognised when I saw Skizzy tweet something along the lines of ‘Penthouse x Toronto‘, hinting that someone from Toronto has just signed to Penthouse Music, the label Skizzy proudly represents and has tattooed on.

After some time, we heard more and more about Lais and a collection of songs had been dropped, The Motion being my favourite. He eventually dropped a project titled Session One, but we’ll get to this shortly.
At the beginning of his career, Lais posted this post on Reddit to ask the Hip Hop community for their opinions on his music and to show what he could do. He blew up online overnight and for all the right reasons. From that point on, his sound only got bigger and better. With the helping hand of Skizzy, Penthouse, some publicity on OVO Sound Radio and a devout fanbase, he grew his foundation and it’s all coming together.

In the past few months, we haven’t heard much from Lais, musically, but last night we figured out exactly why. Working on his clothing line and his image, Lais also took the time out to create a video for his highly acclaimed track Cocaine Rain, a track off of his latest project mentioned earlier, Session One. The production of the film was handled by Kid. Studios who have a beautiful history of video production, and features Lais himself providing the vocals and a lot of cocaine, of course. The video gives off an 80s or 90s movie theme with a little surprise at the end. The sound in the song is slow paced and melodic for the first minute or so and the beat drops and Lais goes from singing to rapping and his transition is uncanny. He discusses his love for drugs but his greater love for the girl, after his verse, he transitions back to singing and a trippy scene with illusional effects takes over as he eventually begins to rap again. The entire song from the production to the lyrics and visuals all work together beautifully. Lais has built a solid foundation for his music and his scene is on the rise without a doubt. Check out the video above and drop a visit to his Soundcloud for more.