JiMMY BRiCKZ – Savages

Scarborough rapper JiMMY BRiCKZ (formerly known as JiMMY B) finally got a video for “Savages,” brought to you by SmashMouth Entertainment. The single is one of the more memorable cuts off his project Return of the JiGGY, which dropped back in June of last year.

The post-apocalyptic video was directed by Andre Rehal and draws inspiration from the film The Warriors. It features BRiCKZ’s squad posted up in gas masks, brandishing baseball bats and katanas in the dark of night, making for a truly menacing scene.

“Savages to me is a track that expresses the inner demons that we battle every day. We try to live right and stay on the right path but sometimes our environment brings out a different side of us.” – JiMMY BRiCKZ

Stream the video for “Savages” above.