Derin Falana – Cruising

It’s been a short while since we’ve heard any new music from Brampton’s Derin Falana, but that talent was only getting better in its hiatus. After his incredible LP Live From Rocky Mountain, Derin really pinpointed his sound and aesthetic in his music and ran with it. With his LP being just under a year old, it’s amazing to see just how far and mature he has become, and this revolution reciprocates in his music today as he surprises us with an all new song, video and even an interview with Pigeons and Planes. The song reflects on his latest movements and his next steps, as he touches on what’s been done this past year, his current obstacles and the inevitable shine that comes with such a hustle. The song is slow paced and bass-heavy as it was produced by Po and Jordan Manswell, therefore sounding very melodic and smooth with his voice and the beat working together in perfect harmony. The track itself is essentially two parts as the song comes with some gorgeous visuals and a short audio clip at the end reminding Derin of his overcome to the city. The video itself is very minimal and simple as it is mainly set in an empty parking lot and occasionally pans over to a girl, keeping the minimal aesthetic relevant in the beat, the lyrics and the visuals themselves. All in all, another amazing track by Derin to prove he’s showing no signs of slowing down, and whatever comes next will only be bigger and better. Check out Derin’s Soundcloud below and watch Cruising above!