Courtesy of Lais Lavish

Lais Lavish: Music has always been personal to me

Courtesy of Lais Lavish

This week we’re featuring an interview done with The Come Up Show Radio on 94.9 CHRW in London, ON and online at The host of The Come Up Show Radio, Michael, had the chance to interview Lais Lavish, a Pakistan-born, Brampton and Virginia-raised artist. After being named “Canada’s sad boy” by Noisey, Lais has been compared to artists like Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Young Thug.

In our interview, we talked about his music blowing up on Reddit, how it felt to have his music played by Drake on OVO Sound Radio. The new music he’s got coming out after taking a nine-month break and so much more.

Air it out through music

Lais: Records have always been a personal thing for me. Whatever I wanted to air out I would air out in my songs, and it kind of just stuck through. Even after people started listening to my songs, I found that a lot of people can relate to it… I realize that when I’m feeling one way, somebody listening could be feeling that way too…. It’s just what I’ve always done and how it’s always been. Music is always going to be that place for me.

Throw it back to see your progress

Lais: I like to go back on old songs I’ve made, not all the way back, though. But I think it’s good to do that so that you can see the kind of progress you’ve made and figure out how far you’ve come. It also helps you figure out what you need to work on… so it’s always good to throwback on your old stuff.

Drake’s and Young Thug’s lovechild

Lais: Of course, everyone is going to find some place of relatability for anyone new that they hear, right? Because it’s always fresh to hear something new but everyone also has their tastes and they’re favourite artists heading into it. Which helps them become more accepting of new sounds, you know what I’m saying? So being compared to other artists is all a part of the process, so I don’t mind. But I try to be as unique and as Lais as possible.

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