Luu Breeze – Slow Down Night

Following the release of his timeless EP Love Don’t Live Here, Luu Breeze hasn’t taken a break from making music and that shows in his track Slow Down Night. I personally loved his EP and La Senza currently sits on hundreds of plays on my phone, and I already know this song is following the same pattern. Sounding like he has taken inspiration from Travis Scott and some sounds from Kanye here & there, it’s no surprise that Luu was able to reciprocate such a common sound yet keep it authentic at the same time, sticking true to his own theme and his own movements. Most artists save their best work for big projects and their releases that come after tend to be slacking, as many of them are usually just cuts off the album that never made it, but this song shows no signs of laziness, as Luu sings & raps and flexes is vocal abilities over the hard, yet easy going beat handled by Mike F the Hit Man. I would love to hear more from this dynamic duo and with the drive that Luu has, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more music in the coming weeks leading up to the summer, who knows what he has cookin’ up?