a l l i e : Music has been one of the most healing aspects of my life

I’m proud to present my interview with singer/songwriter a l l i e, her debut album Nightshade is out right now and it’s fyaaaah. We talked about what’s it like to work on a project for 2 years and finally release it to the world. a l l i e tells us about the divine feminine, her lowest point on this journey and so much more.

A few of the topics we talked about

The feedback on the release of her album Nighshade and when she knew she was ready.

The creative process behind the album artwork.

What the divine feminine is.

Learning how to edit her own vocals and why it’s important to be in control.

Her upbringing in Toronto and the musical family she had growing up.

What the Toronto sound and how she feels her music is a bit different.

Her first trip to L.A. and why it was a tough experience.

Why Music is a healing mechanism.

What needs to change in the Toronto music scene.

The value of diversity.

Why she had to take a step back from social media.

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