A.J. Saudin – Sunset

Couple months back, we were gifted with Before I Met You, 7 timeless tracks caroled their way through the GTA and the face and voice of young AJ Saudin surfaced on the scene. With love from blogs and writers all over from LA to YYZ, it was easy to see just what everyone saw in him. A young, distinguished artist who serenaded the music scene and claimed his spot in the city. His reign was only beginning and with the attention of thousands of people, AJ took this opportunity to flourish and expand his horizons as an artist as he grew apart from being Connor DeLaurier of Degrassi and became the angelic voice of Mississauga.

With everyone’s eyes and ears at his hand, AJ released his first ever music video, and his execution was immaculate. The final song off Before I Met You was actually one of the first ones released. Sunset was released in October of last year and grew to over 200,000 plays just on SoundCloud. He took this song and shot one of the most visually appealing videos I’ve seen this summer, and he did it all in one take. Sunset touches on AJ’s love for someone and his & hers worth, all while sitting on a rooftop overlooking the city during a sunset, and to top it all off, the video was shot in 4K at 60fps for the crispiest and smoothest video out right now.

This masterpiece wasn’t done alone though, with the help of Jaegen & 1Mind, AJ managed to release a smooth song with an equally smoother beat that rides the vocals perfectly, and with stunning visuals to top it all off. But that’s not the end of it, this was released with an announcement; his upcoming show at the Mod Club this September 1st! With no signs of slowing down, AJ with be tearing up the historic Toronto venue alongside his team and I assure you, this isn’t something you’d want to miss out on. Tickets go on sale this Thursday, they can be found here! Check out the visuals for Sunset above and his EP below. This is only the beginning for young AJ Saudin.