Probably Raymond – PUFF

Underground talent seems to be creeping up from everywhere this summer and it’s not easy to cover all of it, but Probably Raymond is not someone to overlook. With a versatile style in his music ranging from rapping bar for bar to singing and riding a beat on a slower pace, its easy to see why he stands out more than other artists currently getting their names out. His latest release was no exception to his aesthetic and flow with heavy references to the current fashion scene and the top tier Hip Hop icon in the scene, PUFF, which also happens to be the title of the track! With production handled by TMB The Beatmaker and vocals entirely by Raymond, it’s hard to find any flaws in this track alongside the fluid versatility Raymond shows by rapping and singing on the same track. With thousands of listens monthly on Spotify and a track boasting half a million plays, it’s easy to see why the people believe so much in Raymond and support his grind. Take a listen below and visit his SoundCloud for more from Raymond and keep your eyes out for much more music coming soon!