Grant Chris – Paradise in My Mind + IF + West Lodge Freestyle

Versatility is a major aspect in a musicians skill set and Grant Chris proves himself worthy once again with 3 back to back to back releases showing what’s been keeping him busy this summer and showing his fluidity in 3 different sounding tracks. Paradise in My Mind takes a slower and more melodic approach and Grant manages to smoothly ride the production which was handled by the dynamic duo Billist and Juda, who can be found in many of Grant’s tracks. The song focuses on Grants emotions towards personal experiences and how he manages to handle them all and hints at future plans, a more personal track which helps the listener get to know Grant and hear him out.

Second track, IF, steps back a bit from a the personal aspects and focuses primarily on Grant’s self worth and where he stands in people’s lives, all of this on top of a heavier and bumpier beat that comes to a much slower halt near the end and Grant boasts about his plans of taking over the game if given the chance, and with fluidity and skill set this vast, I personally don’t doubt it. IF is my personal favourite from the latest tracks released and being the mind behind the artwork was great experience.

Finally, Grant ends off the trifecta with a raw Hip Hop approach to keep the more old school fans on their feet titled West Lodge Freestyle. A bar-for-bar freestyle where Grant steps forward with his plan and executions in the music scene and how he manages it all, with no chorus, it gives Grant the chance to really speak and if you listen close, he’s got a lot to say.

These are the first few tracks we’ve heard from Grant recently but with momentum like this, I hope he channels that energy into an EP or album soon because this much talent cannot go unheard. Check out the tracks below and keep your eyes out for more from Grant Chris.