Saudin – Belize

After sitting with Saudin and chatting with him about his goals and life in the music world at the end of summer, he dropped his latest project and left for the winter.

With 1K, his best friend and producer, by his side, along with Tahseen and a boat, he hit the water to film what might be the most visually appealing video I’ve seen in a while. Saudin shows his relaxed and laid back side as he lounges on a boat in Belize while he serenades the listener about heartbreak and his chance at love.

With simple, dance-hall inspired production handled by 1K and smooth vocals by Saudin, the dynamic duo have never sounded so good together. The video flows primarily at a slower pace to match the wavy slow paced vocals, giving Tahseen a canvas to work with, and this dude is an artist. Check out the video above and check out the rest of the magic below, A Midsummer’s Daydream by Saudin and 1Kemjay.