Top Tracks of 2017

2017 has gone by amazingly quick, but this doesn’t overlook the incredible year we had at TCUS and the year Canada had for music. So to show our gratitude and to summarize this great year, we rounded up all of our favourite tracks into a playlist for you to enjoy! Ranging from new artists like Emanuel and Saudin who quickly found their sound and stapled themselves into the game, to major artists only getting bigger in time, such as Majid Jordan who have had an amazing year with their album and numerous features that only solidified their status in the R&B scene.

Canada’s musical talent is endless and being able to make a playlist with over40 songs with strictly Canadian artists is nothing short of amazing as the talent in this country is only blooming more by the hour. From amazing voices, to writers, producers, engineers, and managers, Canada has planted a throne on top of Billboard charts globally and all artists are united as one. A small community gone global and the least we could do here at TCUS is show you guys what we think the best of the best were. Check out the playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud below as we enter another unforgettable year of music!

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