Cardo Antonnio – Baby Bounce

Toronto’s dynamic duo are back once again with a fresh new project entitled “Baby Bounce“. Cardo Antonnio and producer J. Cortz take a bouncier, more flexible approach at their songs after an impressive recent line of songs all of which equally successful. Baby Bounce is a short project featuring 3 new songs with incredible production and playful lyrics. J. Cortz recently interned with Doc McKinney and put his skills to use here in this prequel to an even greater project coming soon. “This is not an EP,” Cardo tells Complex, and instead sees it as a “three level prequel to his forthcoming project“. Artwork was inspired by 8-bit videogames including mini avatars of Cardo and J, along with a comical 8-bit Toronto. Take a listen down below and keep your ears peeled for more from Cardo and J as we dive into the summer with a lot more up their sleeves, for now, visit their Spotify for a vast discography of amazing music.