Nika Kramer

Judi Lopez- When I started dancing, Hip-Hop wasn’t really a thing

Photo by Nika Kramer

My special guest this week is Judi Lopez, the Founder of KeepRockinYou, an artist-based collective that seeks to inspire and empower young women. Judi is also the Toronto representative for the international Hip Hop dance theatre festival, Breakin’ Convention happening this weekend June 1 and 2nd at the Sony Centre for Performing Arts. Judi talks about how there weren’t many black women breaking when she started, and how hip-hop dance is evolving.

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What Judi had to say about how dance is evolving with Trap Music.
It’s interesting because a lot of them are bringing a lot of the old school styles into their movement, I see a lot of popping, which is one of the original styles of hip-hop. These kids are so creative and that’s what hip-hop is about, once the music starts changing the dance also changes along with it. I encourage it because we don’t want to see the same thing over and over again.

Breakin’ Convention is an inspiring weekend of exceptional performances from world champion breakdancing crews to cutting edge street dance companies – all live on stage.

In addition, spilling off the stage and taking over the entire Sony Centre is graffiti art, DJs spinning, freestyle sessions, and Master Class workshops with visiting International dancers making Breakin’ Convention an unforgettable experience for the entire family. We hope to see you this weekend, get your tickets now!