Taken by Harrison Haines

Kayo Guevarra: Artists are emotional, empathetic people

Taken by Harrison Haines

Every artist has a different way to feed their art. For Kayo, his emotions are the inspiration behind his music. He says that as an artist, he channels his emotions to create a universal language that is music. “We’re all vessels and we channel different vibes and different energies,” said Kayo, “As artists, it is our responsibility… to be the ones that bring the message to the people.”

Born and raised in St. Lucia, Kayo moved to Halifax at the age of 20 to study marketing at Saint Mary’s University. While he was there, he immersed himself in the local hip-hop scene and soon met his mentor Classified. Since then he’s toured with stars like Classified and Snoop Dogg and he just released his new project Winter in St. Lucia.

Kayo joined us this week on The Come Up Show Podcast to talk about his new release, how he took control of his image, and what keeps him going. Below is an excerpt from our talk, play the podcast to hear more.

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Take control of your image [6:40]

Kayo: I was under a lot of pressure from my management and friends. There were a lot of these influences or these outside factors that I let influence me I guess. But something clicked when I decided it but when it I really took responsibility for the things that were happening around me and I think there was a disconnect with a lot of these elements around me but that disconnect was there as a result of me not effectively painting that picture for my vision. I’m the only one who is really gonna bring it to fruition… or the way that I can see it happen. I can’t expect anyone, not management, not the producer, not a song, nothing to do it for me. It wasn’t until I locked in and made that decision for myself that I really started to take the driver’s seat and things started to change.

Taken by Harrison Haines

Artists are emotional, empathetic people [7:40]

Kayo: I think I feel things a little differently sometimes. As a result, the things that you wouldn’t expect to influence me, or wouldn’t expect affect me, it does. I also process it differently. Sometimes you just have to have that epiphany… that moment of clarity that takes you in on the next journey to you gotta go through. Who knows how long that path will be, you just have to be open to it.

Chedo: You say you process things differently because I I hear things like artists are sensitive

Kayo: Yeah, which is true I think it’s what makes us artists. It is what makes us able to tap into those different vibrations. I think that we’re all vessels and we channel different vibes and different energies, and us as artists it is our responsibility, since the dawn of time, to be the ones that bring the message to the people. Music is a universal language that we as artists are then translating it for everybody.

Taken by Harrison Haines


Keep going and the stars will align [34:00]

Kayo: I feel like we’re all here for some particular reason and that we all have some particular part to play in all of this, and I’m just playing my part and I have to continue to do that. I believe that whatever is out there for me is out there, and the stars will align. I just gotta keep going.

Chedo: Just keep going keep going no matter how hard it is

Kayo: No matter how painful it gets, how many times you have to sleep on your homies couch, any of that. It’s because, one: high-risk high reward, and two: this is genuinely what I was put here to do and it’ll all pan out definitely.