Cardo Antonnio – Talk Talk

The dynamic duo Cardo Antonnio and J. Cortz are back again with another bouncey track for the city. Talk Talk is the latest single from Cardo after a successful release of his previous project Baby Bounce, where he and J. Cortz begin to take a bouncier, happier approach to their production and lyrics, steering away from slow, melodic singing that the city is saturated with. The first track of 12 to be released very soon and the city is already into it. With a colorful, pop inspired theme in the production and boastful, optimistic lyricism, we can only expect promising results from the upcoming project, which is nothing new for Cardo and J.
The music video sticks to it’s yellow and red theme with a plethora of yellow and gold shown all over, with red accents in the cover art and the beautiful Camaro sitting dead center. The retro style theme that the video starts off with somehow manages to keep itself relevant through the entirety of the video although it was shot in crispy 4K. The video was directed & designed by Stephen Trivieri who did an amazing job balancing the colours and focussing on Cardo while keeping the models and cars somehow still in the background. Production was handled by Bella Randazzo & Scotty McCuaig, and photography by Nilly and Angel Navarro. The team did a wonderful job visually, and J Cortz and Dot Da Engineer mastered and mixed the whole thing together and the team brought a work of art to life. None of this is surprising from Cardo and he and J continue to constantly strive and work hard for every release to be better than the previous. Keep your head up for more from Cardo as we near closer to an eventful summer and yet another project coming very soon.