G Milla- I make music because it’s a release

Photo by Harrison Haines

G Milla is an artist from Toronto we’ve been supporting for a while on The Come Up Show. We talked about his project with Teddy FantumHard to Kill” how he goes into “the vault of pain” when it comes to song writing and so much more. I’ve shared an excerpt of our conversation, make sure to listen to the full podcast below and subscribe.

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Chedo: What are the low points and frustrations you’ve dealt with?

G Milla: That’s a lot of times that you feel like that but it’s nothing I couldn’t bounce back from. There are times I’ve had nowhere to sleep, times when you’re taking the drugs too hard. There are times you lose someone you love and break up with someone. It’s anything really, those are all low points.
Personally, there’s never been a situation where I was like damn I can’t bounce back and I’m grateful for that, God bless.

Chedo: When you’re having those life moments, sleeping on couches or breaking up with a partner and then you’re dealing with the music thing on top of that, is it sometimes a source of frustration or does it help? You’re sleeping on couches and this music thing isn’t paying.

G Milla: And that’s the thing, even if it wasn’t paying I’d still do it. Because it’s my diary, it’s my journal. I really rap how I feel, it’s never about a chore or making money or getting rich. It’s like damn, I’m feeling sad, I need to go to the studio and that’s actually how I feel like I don’t think about the money at all.

Photo by Harrison Haines
Photo by Harrison Haines